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Welcome to the Elfpack Contests page. Here, we have all currently running, voting and ongoing contests listed in one handy location.

Do you have an awesome idea for a new official contest? If so, put it on the Contest Suggestions and the Council just might make the contest. (You'll also get one (1) Tog for having your suggestion used!)

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Contests Currently Open for Voting

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2006-11-07 [FireGypsy]: *throws bubbles at you*

2006-11-07 [Bookwyrm]: ::eats one:: ._.

2007-03-03 [Fear of the Soul]: I'm sorry to be a bother, but I didn't know if I won something... for getting 2nd place in the bad santa thingy...

2007-03-03 [Hedda]: [Fear of the Soul]: You got donor-privs. I kind of forgot to tell you why you got them. <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-03-23 [Willow Rose]: So I can just add my contest here?

2007-03-23 [FireGypsy]: Yup! Under unofficial contests ^_^

2007-04-17 [kittykittykitty]: [Z-K-R]... your contest page doesn't look finished: i.e. no rules, no place to put submissions, etc. Maybe it would have been a better idea to finish the page first, then add it here afterwards.

2007-05-02 [kittykittykitty]: I have removed the wiki Best Song Lyrics Contest (BSLC). [Z-K-R] please re-add the link when the contest begins :)

2007-05-02 [skullhead]: <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-05-02 [kittykittykitty]: <img:sutN.gif>

2007-05-08 [kittykittykitty]: Added EP-Wet T-Shirt Contest ; ), but I wanted to check with #1 that those images are OK, because it was my understanding that only images made by Elfpack members were allowed on Elfpack pages... :/

2007-05-11 [toofa]: i want to be a member in elfback
i want to make friends

2007-05-14 [kittykittykitty]: Well... you're already a member of Elfpack if that's what you mean o_0

You can use the 'Search' to find people with the same interests as yourself by using 'Search' at the top of the page. Or you could click the 'View a random member' option on your house :)

2007-06-08 [Shatureel]: I added Voting is now open to regular poems contest I hope that is alright.

2007-06-08 [Hedda]: OK, good! It's always good if people correct this page as I seldom care to make it totally right and [kittykittykitty] isn't always everywhere... <img:dand-gif.gif>

2007-06-08 [Shatureel]: Okay cool, thanks.

2007-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: Yus <img:dand-gif.gif>

2007-08-25 [zoloftzantac]: heh, heck yeah, if it is busted, then fix it :) thanks!

2007-08-27 [Bookwyrm]: Added "winner chosen" to the Story Photos Contest...have the Elf Packing Contest and the Neighborhood Photo Album Contest finished and have chosen winners yet? I know they've both been around for a long time...Also moved the Drink Making Contest to the second list and put "winner chosen" next to it. ^_^

2007-08-30 [kittykittykitty]: Thanks Traci :D

Hmmm... the polls have been going for a while. Obv it's up to [Hedda], but I'd say they've served their purpose ^-^

2007-08-31 [Bookwyrm]: Your welcome. ^_^ Figured I'd help out.

Well I thought the Neighborhood Photo Contest had been decided, but can't really gather any information about it so I don't want to touch them until I'm sure. XD

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