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Welcome to the Elfpack Contests Archive.
This is where all Official Contests end up once they're closed and a winner has been declared.
If you find any we have missed, make a comment on the page and it will be added ASAP.
They are listed in chronological order, by the year they finished or closed.



- Elfpack's Anthem Contest

- Elfpack's Demon and Angel Art Contest

- Elfpack's Dragon Art Contest

- Elfpack's Halloween Spooktacular
Halloween Prose Contest 2005
Halloween Costume Contest 2005</center>
<center>- Elfpack's Monster Art Contest

- Elfpack's Official Border Contest

- Elfpack's Snapshot Contest

- Front Page Image Contest

- Stupidest Username Competition


- Barebreasthunks in sunglasses competition

- Bikinibabes in sunglasses competition

- Bikinihunks in sunglasses competition

- Cutest nerdgirl competition

- Elfpack's Illustration of a Song Contest

- Hedda is not here Jokes Competition

- Photoalbum Competition


- Drink Making Contest

- Elfpack Bad Santa Competition

- Elfpack’s Sexiest Mrs. Santa Claus Contest

- Elfpack’s Sexiest Mr. Santa Claus Contest

- Funny Photos Contest

- Packmeet Photo Competition

- Photoalbum Competition II

- Sunrose is not here contest
Lets Draw Sunny Art Contest
Ode to Sunrose Poetry Contest</center>
<center>- Story Photos Contest

- The Smile Contest

- Top 10 list contest


- Drink Making Contest 2008

- Elfpack Birthday 3 Contest

- Elfpack’s Miss World Contest

- Elfpack’s Mr World Contest

- Elfpack's Halloween Festival
Halloween Costume Contest 2007</center>
<center>- Neighbourhood Photo Album Contest

- Valentine Pickup lines contest 2008


- Event Photo Competition



- Originality Contest

- Elfpack's Logo Contest

- Halloween Costume Contest 2011

- Halloween Decor Contest 2011

- Elfpack Graffiti Contest


- Let it Snow! 2011
He knows if you've been naughty...
He knows if you've been nice...
Holiday cookies Pictures
Let it Snow Pictures</center>
<center>- Official Valentine's Contests
Blowing Kisses
Valentine Cupid</center>
<center>- Halloween Costume Contest 2012

- Giffie-Pet Poetry Contest


- Let it Snow! 2011
Let It Snow 2012, Holiday Cookie Photos
Let It Snow 2012, Snow Photos
Let It Snow 2012, Christmas Tree Photos
Let It Snow 2012, Holiday Drawings
Let It Snow 2012, Holiday Writings</center>
<center>- Queen of Elfpack Competition


- Damn Swearing Contest

- Link to Elfpack Competition


Here listed are the contest organisation pages no longer in use.
If you find any links to them elsewhere, please notify us.

- Official Contest Polls
- A-Z of EP Contests
- EP Contest Crew
- Elfpack Contests Suggestion Page
- Elfpack's Contest Winners


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