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Do you love books whether it's on paperback, hardback or ebook? Do you love Paranormal Romance? Romance? Horror? Thriller? Real Life? Western? Cooking books? How To books? DIY books? Biographies? Mystery/suspense? Science fiction? Adventure? Folklore? Poetry books? Young Adult books? Gardening books? History? The list goes on and on but if you do then this is the wiki-page for you! :D


We here at Elfpack Book Club would like to hear what's your favourite books are, what your reading at the moment and if you know if any good giveaways! OH! And links to blogs about book reviews too! :D We want to know what are the hottest books at the moment and we'd like you to review them for us!


If your a lover of ebooks (kindle, nook, kobo etc) then we'll be updating your daily on all the free ebooks you can get on Amazon US & UK, B&N and Kobo!

We'll also keep you up to date on all the latest up coming must reads that you love!

We'll link you to amazing blogs and author's pages on facebook and twitter feeds!


EBC Crew!

Book Queen and Boss Lady: [Cerulean Sins]
Book Princess and Second in command: [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]
Book Jester and Third in command: []



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2012-02-16 [kittykittykitty]: [Sonya Blue] You can add yourself :D Just hit that edit button.

Great idea shell! I've sure we have a few book lovers hiding around here.

2012-02-16 [Cerulean Sins]: Awwwww thanks kitty! :D

2012-02-16 [Sonya Blue]: I know that....My iPad is just iffy about editing I try not to edit wiki pages on it unless they are my own...don't wanna acidendtly delete somthing on someone else's

2012-02-16 [Cerulean Sins]: No worries hun :) I'll added ya ^^

2012-02-16 [Sonya Blue]: Thankies!!!

2012-02-16 [Cerulean Sins]: Your welcome :D

2012-02-17 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Hey, do you think we should have a recommended Authors page... It'll take me a while to get any reviews written...And that way there will be a list for folks

2012-02-17 [Cerulean Sins]: That is such a good idea! :D

2012-02-17 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: :D Sweet, glad I said something then.



2012-02-18 [GlassCasket]: thas mah name

2012-02-18 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Hi!*waves*

2012-02-18 [GlassCasket]: Herro!

2012-02-18 [Cerulean Sins]: :-)

2012-02-18 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: I miss you... :D And you always disappear :(

2012-02-19 [Cerulean Sins]: Me or Daniel? lol

2012-02-19 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Well, I miss you both, but Don is the one who always disappears.

2012-02-21 [GlassCasket]: I can't help it! I haz so much crap goin on :P

2012-02-21 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: *pouts*

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