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Hola, baby squirrel!
Are you ready to Earn Some Coolpoints!?

Here's the deal. For every three (3) quotes you guess correctly, one (1) Coolpoint will be delivered to you from yours truly ([Deg])! Really, that’s all. No catch!


Well, Maybe a Few Catches

<img:!/Image1.gif> Every round will last one (1) month.
<img:!/Image1.gif> At the end of the month, the featured quotes will be retired, the answers will be revealed, and you will no longer be able to earn Coolpoints from that specific round.
<img:!/Image1.gif> While you can chat freely in the comment box below, please do NOT submit your answers there. Submit all answers to [Deg] via a private message.
<img:!/Image1.gif> If you blow it and reveal the answers in the comment box of any wiki pages connected to Earn Some Coolpoints!, you will forfeit your right to earn Coolpoints off of the current round as well as the proceeding round.


<img:!/Image1.gif> Quotes will come from movies, books, and lyrics from well-known songs!
<img:!/Image1.gif> Although I’ll try my best to ensure that no quotes are ever reused word-for-word throughout the competition, the sources can and will be reused (i.e., there may be multiple Lion King quotes within the same or throughout multiple rounds)!
<img:!/Image1.gif> I, [Deg], will personally keep a running tally of how many quotes you have correctly submitted. Feel free to guess any or all quotes. As long as they have not been retired you can try for them as many times as you’d like.


Revealed and Retired Quotes

Round I Reveal
Round II Reveal
Round III Reveal
Round IV Reveal
Round V Reveal
Round VI Reveal
Round VII Reveal << NEWEST REVEAL!

Current Quotes
(This round will remain open until August 29, 2014)


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2012-10-19 [Stephen]: Hahaha, I don't know that many of the answers. =P

2012-10-19 [Deg]: Well...I think I'm going to reveal the answers, then! And then I'll put up a new page of quotes to guess and get coolpoints on! :D

2012-10-19 [Stephen]: x)


... You should do something like this as an official thing. =P

2012-10-19 [Deg]: I'd be happy to! Give me a couple days to get it a little more 'official' looking and I'll submit it to the Elfpack Contractors Office.

2012-10-19 [Stephen]: Awesome, awesome. :)

2012-10-19 [Deg]: <img:dand-gif.gif>

2012-10-22 [Cerulean Sins]: I like it! :D
I think the PR department will be giving you a message soon :D

2012-10-22 [Deg]: Awesome! 8D

2012-10-23 [sammie h!]: This is a great idea, keep up the good work. :)

2012-10-23 [Deg]: Thanks, Sammie! :)

2012-10-24 [Stephen]: lol!

I like the changes. <img:sm-gif.gif>

I think first we can try this as a recommended page, and if it is popular look into making it official. =3

I'll add a note about it to Mainstuff, too.

2012-10-24 [Deg]: Perfect! :D Sounds like a good idea, haha.

2012-10-24 [sammie h!]: Yep it sure does [Stephen], and if you need a hand with this, I will help. x

2012-10-25 [Stephen]: You're always so willing to help, Sammie. =P

2012-10-25 [sammie h!]: Thats me, I like to help when and where I can, should I be sent to This is hell for it lol x

2012-10-26 [Stephen]: <img:zabuN-gif.gif>

2013-03-20 [I'm gone.]: HA!!

2013-03-20 [Deg]: 8D What's so funny!?

2013-06-20 [Lady Starlight]: I want Coolpoints

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