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ESC WTF! 2008

The song that are most notable for good or bad reasons from the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. See ESC WTF! for older things that are notable.

ESC Island 2008 has a pretty normal disco-song, but the video is strange.

ESC Azerbaijan 2008 is counting on that angels and a cool show will do the trick!

ESC Armenia 2008 sends a girl that want to be touched.

But in ESC Andorra 2008 the girls just want Casanova. (Happy disco)

Something is funny about how they sing in ESC Belgium 2008.

In ESC Estonia 2008 they go around and wave flags for no apparent reason.

ESC Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008 send some strange childish, artistic babbling with I don't know what.

And everyone just want to chop the head of the damn turkey from ESC Ireland 2008

ESC Finland 2008 sends metal again. 

The only ballad worth mentioning is Oro from ESC Serbia 2008. Even [Hedda] gets tears in his eyes.

What we all have been waiting for since 1979!

Dschinghis Khan ist zur├╝ckgekommt!

This time in the form of pirates from ESC Latvia 2008!
With a hii hii hoo and a hii hii hey!

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