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Eurovision Song Contest 2007 WTF! list

The top 5 what-the-fuck songs from 2007! This list is dedicated to the biggest WTF ever, Lithuania 2006 We are the winners:

1) ESC Switzerland Vampires are alive!
2) ESC Israel Push the button
3) ESC Ukraine Danzing

4) ESC Bulgaria Water

And no Eurovision top list is complete without UK at the bottom:
5) ESC United Kingdom Flying The Flag

If you have seen this, you've got the biggest fucks in the contests... For good and bad.

The biggest WTF from before

See the winners on Eurovision Song Contest history

A winner... a winner?!? WTF!
UK 1967 Sandie Shaw Puppet On A String

It doesn't get better than this:
Germany 1979 Dschenghis Khan Dschenghis Khan: (and the intro...)

No ballad, no Abba - Eurovision isn't a genre! Thank you Tatu!
Russia 2003 Tatu Ne ver, Ne Bosjia-Errores

Eh... WTF!
Austria 2003 Alf Poier Weil der Mensch zählt

It's Xena! Hm.. Ruslana? Yea, the English is really barbaric!
Ukraine 2004 Ruslana Wild Dances

The most entertaining song ever!
Lithuania 2006 LT United We are the winners:

What Tatu said: Eurovision isn't a genre! And now it's written in stone.
Finland 2006 Lordi Hard rock Halleujah

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2007-03-19 [Hedda]: Any more suggestions about previous WTFs?

2007-03-23 [kittykittykitty]: Teapacks - Push the button (Eurovision 2007 Song) is awesome! I hope it gets a few points at least for making me laugh XD

The only 'wtf' song I remember is Lithuania from last year, and you got that :P

2007-03-25 [Papa Don't Preach]: no ideas. but i dont like the uk's song... its horrid

2007-03-27 [kittykittykitty]: It's always horrid, but that's expected :P I was soooo hoping that they would do something actually half-decent, or really bad so I can feel proud at the nil-pointer again ^^

2007-05-15 [.Kazuki.]: this year we were appauling ^^;..... Not only was Flying the Flag a terrible song xD the only thing moderately entertaining about it was the rudeness in it which was obviously not "discrete" XD

2007-05-16 [kittykittykitty]: Terrible, yes... but it's surprising how a song like that sticks in your head :P I had to sing it just to get it out of my system ><

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