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2007-10-19 [phoenixborn]: hm you know what? I really think this wiki needs a little colour XD

2007-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: XD least....XD

2007-10-20 [phoenixborn]: Hm well...we seem to be all alone here. Just me and you. So, what activity did you have in mind? ~__^

2007-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: -blinks-...-giggles uncontrollably- You're going to get me in trouble.

2007-10-20 [phoenixborn]: How? The walls gonna tell someone? XD

2007-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: XD Firstly, the internet breaks down all walls. Secondly, hubby is a jealous man as you know and if he were to read that statement (which would be easy, he's right in the room), he'd forbid me from talking to you. XD

2007-10-20 [phoenixborn]: Scott? Jealous? well, I never knew that... XD Well i can easily solve that. Scott! Look over there *points outside*...*locks door behind him* XD

2007-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: XD! You're awful.

2007-10-20 [phoenixborn]: I know i am, 'tis why you love me <3 besides he's in the army. i don't think doors are really that mch protection against lots of men with guns XD

2007-10-20 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles- You make a fair point...

2008-09-30 [phoenixborn]: Any of ye who be interested? I've set up a music wiki for all musicians and music lovers alike to discuss technique and tips and talk pretty much anything music. Feel free to drop by if you're interested :)

elfpack music hall

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