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Draíocht Demons chatacters

You have returned to the torture-chambers
To find peace among the rotting corpses
You have returned to the execution place
To inhale the smell of blood

Death and terror rules the land
We have been spellbound

You have returned to the hidden graves
Only you know about
You have returned to to face your victims
And feel sensation of violence once again

Death and terror rules the soul
You have been spellbound
By the Devil
Murderer, you have returned
To create fear and sorrow
Death and terror rules the land
We have been spellbound
By the Devil

Other info:

Username: [Tis gone but never gone]
Name: Ami O'Sullivan
Age: 26
Powers: Pyrokinesis,Sensing,Teleporting aka Shimmering.
History: Ami was born in Belfast, her mother was Japanese and she met her husband on a trip to Belfast and they fell in love, anyways after a good four to five years apart Ami's mother moved to Belffast to be with Ami's father. They got married and they had Ami. Ami is a real emo/goth chick, she just loves all the funky clothes. Both Ami's parents are demons and so is Ami's little sister who is 15.
Personallity: Speaks her mind, cold and heartless (at times). But she is caring sometimes. She hides her emotions but she dose have her moments where she let loose her emotions.
Rank: Memeber of the Demon coven
Other info: Ami owns her own store where she makes clothes.

Username: [Tis gone but never gone]
Name:Christian O'Sullivan
Powers:Scrying and spellcasting,Telekinesis, Telekinetic-Orbing ,Orbing ,Hovering ,Light manipulation,Glamouring, Phasing Sensing
Personallity:He is implistic morality than Ami: see a problem, sort it out.Whilst often a man of few words but he has a big heart
Rank:Memeber of the Demon coven
Other info: He smokezs and drinks and he has a O'Sullivan crest on the side of his neck.

Username: [Ritsuka-Kun]
Name: Hiro Soto
Age: 19
Powers: teleporting, can control the elements, and can reach into a person's soul/mind and bring what they fear the most to life.
History: Both parents are demons. She lived in Japan up until she was 17 when she met Rei and became good friends with him because he was the only other demon she knew about. Her parents hated her hanging out with him only because of his age so in spite of them she moved to belfast with Rei because he told her there were other demons there so they wouldnt feel so alone.
Personallity: she's pretty outgoing and very sociable though sometimes without meaning to she tends to get herself in trouble
Rank: none?
Other info: she's a girl XD
Image: <img:>

Username: [Ritsuka-Kun] [i'll fill em in a bit]
Name: Rei Akito
Age: over hundreds of years old but he tells people he's 35
Powers: teleporting, telekinesis, elemental control, can raise the dead, can summon powerful demons, also he can tap into people's dreams or subconcious, while they're awake, and torture them with anything he can think of
History: He's a belfast native. Occasionally he travels to japan where he was originally from, why he moved he doesnt tell anyone but it had to do with his parents, his father used to be the leader of the demons but he was going to give the leadership to someone else, someone who rei thought didnt deserve it so he killed his parents for the position. On one trip he met Hiro and became good friends. He went returned to belfast with hiro. He's a pretty powerful demon he's been working and is still working on his powers, ever since he was old enough to get them. He doesnt plan on stopping til he's the most powerful, he's trying to prove some point.
Personallity: he's not cold per say just reserved, he keeps to himself mostly unless you really get to know him and earn his trust, if ya do have his trust he's a very warm and kind person who is very loyal to his friends he can be a perv sometimes XD his mind usually in the gutter XD
Rank: leader of the demon coven
Other info: he's a guy XD
Image: <img500*0:stuff/aj/49600/visualkei.jpg>

Powers:can some demons, read into peoples souls, and has control over fire.
History:He wondered from place to place minding himself and living be the nature in till one day he decide to try to human life here.
Personallity:calm, observent, out-spoken and doesnt care to speak his mind
Other info:He can be odd at times and very rude

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