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2012-05-07 21:34:11
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2012-05-06 [GlassCasket]: wtf is this? Apparently i've not only been demoted to a trainee but my awesomely electrifying personality is now mischievous *commits harakiri*

2012-05-06 [sammie h!]: Lol, gotcha. :)

2012-05-07 [Stephen]: o_O

I didn't know this page existed, but the trainees are listed on the Council page, not here. ;)

2012-05-07 [sammie h!]: I set this up ages ago lol, I even totally forgot about it ha ha.

2012-05-07 [Stephen]: For the time being I've wiped it, to prevent confusion, but you still own the page so no worries. =)

I just put up an empty page version.

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