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2008-11-10 20:54:44
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Cloudwatcher's Pet Fotos

[Cloudwatcher]'s pet page :P


<img300*0:stuff/Rabbit_child.jpg>  <img300*0:stuff/small_rabbit.jpg>

<img300*0:stuff/IMG_6408.jpg>  <img300*0:stuff/bunny_in_window.jpg>

    Louis is about 8 weeks old in these pictures, my friend and I bought him in a spur of the moment situation and instantly feel in love with him. About two weeks after we got him, he was moved from my house to hers. Unfortunately, he was found dead the next morning, we still aren't sure of the cause but we think it was because he was to little. He looked sick looking back at the pictures and his habits were, well you can say odd...We loved him with all our hearts and he is truly missed.


<img300*0:stuff/Bunny.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/IMG_7539.jpg>

<img300*0:stuff/IMG_7533.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/Grey_bunny.jpg>

Kuzko is a new bunny we got who at the moment lives happily at my friends. I'm not sure his exact age but its around 3 months. Hes Godzilla. He loves running around, jumping, exploring,and burrowing. He has extreamly sharp claws for being so small. Hes so fat. He eats a ton. He loves carrots and veggies!


<img300*0:stuff/Playing_Cat.jpg>  <img300*0:stuff/IMG_4531.jpg>
<img300*0:stuff/IMG_7702.jpg><img300*0:stuff/IMG_4532.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/Kitty%20and%20josh%20contrast.jpg>

Penny passed away back in august but i never changed the description. :[ She got hit by a car and broke her spine


<img300*0:stuff/cookie2.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/c4.jpg>

<img300*0:stuff/Cookie.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/c5.jpg>

     We got my cat cookie when I was only 6 months old, she was the nicest  cat who could come and sit on your lap and announce herself when she came into the room. She would sit outside meowing until someone let her in or sit in your room at 6 in the morning meowing to let her outside....She loved sea food and would beg for table scraps at every opportunity.. At the age of 18 human years, there was a spurt of cat food that had been recalled due to a outbreak in sick animals, my cat cookie, unfortunately got some of that food and as a result had kidney issues and had to be put down. </3 Though, fortunately the company compensated us for out pet bills due as a result of their food.


We got a new kitten named Bailey! Shes 12 weeks old here.. now shes 14 weeks!I know the contest is over but thats okkk
<3 shes such a people cat i love her

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2008-08-08 [Amaranthine]: Awww I love the bunnies! So adorable!

2008-08-15 [Cloudwatcher]: ty :D

2008-08-18 [Starr]: lol i wasn't paying attention to the wiki owner, and I was like "Hey! Those look like [Cloudwatcher]'s bunnies!"

2008-08-23 [Cloudwatcher]: XD lol

2008-08-31 [DragonicTunes]: The photography you've done looks really good, I'm gonna vote for you :D

2008-09-09 [Cloudwatcher]: :D ty! <3

2008-09-09 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: :O
Your bunny wins it for me!!
The photography for Louis is so sweet. I'm sorry he died =[

My vote is for you! ^__^

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