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2005-12-24 16:35:20
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Christmas Trivia 2005!

HoHoHo! Merry Christmas one and all. We have a special Christmas Trivia for y'all during this festive season, so good luck!


Question 1: Which of the 50 United States was the first to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?

Question 2: What Australian Christmas Tradition began in 1937?

Question 3: Which year was the christmas film 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' released?

Question 4: How many Candy canes are made during the Hanukkah/Christmas season?

Question 5: What is the difference between "The Nutcracker" and "The Nutcracker Suite"?

Question 6: When were electric Christmas lights first used, which proved to be much safer than the traditional candles used to decorate flammable trees?

Question 7: How do people in Papua New Guinea say 'Merry Christmas'?

Question 8: When and where was the first postage stamp to commemorate Christmas issued?

Question 9: What United States president was the first to decorate and official White House Christmas Tree?

Question 10: In Sweden, a common Christmas decoration is the Julbukk, a small figurine of a goat. Of what material is it usually made?




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2005-12-24 [Big Brother]: let the guessing begin ^_^

2005-12-24 [Firenze]: Hell yeah :P

2005-12-25 [Snowman]: awwwww man i didnt study for this lol ^^

2005-12-25 [Firenze]: Then it looks as if you are going to have to work hard then

2005-12-27 [Tainted Raine]: Hey how do you submitt the questions and answers

2005-12-27 [Firenze]: send answers to [Trivia Master]

2005-12-28 [tazz]: WHEN WILL WE KNOW WHO WINS

2005-12-28 [Firenze]: Be patient and wait :p

2006-01-02 [Yvonniaaah]: idk n e of these?!?!

2006-01-03 [Someones Juliet]: where is the answers?

2006-01-28 [dragonus]: How do I enter the trivia contest ? What do I do to submit the question's and answer's privately to [Trivia Master]

2006-01-28 [Firenze]: exactly that

2006-01-28 [dragonus]: Do I copy and paste the question's and answer'sprivately to [Trivia Master]

2006-01-28 [Firenze]: Yeah :P

2006-01-28 [dragonus]: Thank's for the help [Firenze]

2006-01-28 [Firenze]: No problem just doing my job :P

2006-02-19 [WcKdLyPsYcHo (check out the poll!!)]: im lost and confused...i dont know any answers lol

2006-10-24 [beautystrike]: I think I know a couple of them!!!

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