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Moderated and designed by [Morgoth]


Tournament Begins: 201?-??-?? (subject to change)


Once all the participants have signed up, each member will be paired up for the first rounds of the tournament. To play, you must first sign up at and list your username on the list below. Becoming a member of is quick and easy. All you have to do is activate your account through your email address.

As soon as everyone has joined, a bracket will be made and you will be paired with your first opponent. First, you or your opponent will need to create a game. Creating a game is simple. Just enter the name of your opponent in the appropriate section and decide on the "time per move" (preferably 1 day). You can create a game here: (you should probably give [Morgoth] a link to your game once you've started, so he can watch it).

If you enter this tournament, you can win any one of these fine, fabulous prizes:


First place will receive this finely sculpted, golden king.


Second place gets this okay, but not as great, silver bishop.


All participants will get this inexplicably sparkling brick, whether they like it or not.
(If you do not want this brick in your Elfpack house, simply provide your address and we'll promptly deliver a brick through your window.)

If you have any questions, see [Morgoth] or, preferably, send [Stephen] 37 annoying messages in a row.


Chess Tournament - Games


PARTICIPANTS: (your EP username and then your username)

1. [Morgoth] (Mortified_Penguin)
2. [Orestez] (Orestez)
3. [idunnosomething] (SagaciousTurkey)
4. [vagina bob] (Deadwater62)


1070) Should this be a double or single elimination tournament? (Administrator: [Stephen])

Number of voters: 19
* a) double
Number of votes: 4 (21%)

* b) single
Number of votes: 2 (11%)

* c) Erotic
Number of votes: 13 (68%)


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2011-11-29 [Morgoth]: Suuuuuuuure.

2011-11-29 [Schlachter]: That should be me because I picked the right answer.

2012-01-02 [Morgoth]: *violent cough*

2012-01-03 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *Hands a recola*

2013-01-30 [GlassCasket]: ...

2013-01-30 [Schlachter]: WHY DO I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!?!

2013-01-30 [GlassCasket]: Why do i never not unwin?!?

2013-01-30 [Schlachter]: You just did...

2013-01-31 [Stephen]: This contest.
Really should be released.

2013-01-31 [Morgoth]: I worked real hard on those prizes... :(

2013-01-31 [Morgoth]: Allow the winner to have colors for their house and link to it in an alarm and I think I'll get more contestants.

2013-01-31 [Morgoth]: And eight togs!!

2013-01-31 [Stephen]: o_O

I didn't know this contest was even officially released yet. :P

2013-01-31 [Morgoth]: We need more participants if we're ever gonna get this thing going.

2013-01-31 [GlassCasket]: Hey if vagina bob is down, i'm down

2013-02-01 [Schlachter]: Who is vagina bob?

2013-02-01 [Stephen]: I'd sign up, but I really don't have time. >.<

Mort, if you want put an article about it in the right hand calendar thing, you have the privs for it. :P

2013-02-01 [Morgoth]: But I'm laaaazy! And I have a bunch of other tasks to do that I'm allegedly responsible for. Which I'm still pretty sure you're making up!

2013-02-01 [GlassCasket]: ...If i told you i would have to commit countless murders.

2013-02-01 [Stephen]: I have enough to do without making things up!

Be less lazy. :P

2013-02-01 [Schlachter]: None of you answered my question which is the most important thing.

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