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Bush Supporters Association


This site is for all the people who support our president George W. Bush. If you disagree with the opinions on this page, please respect OUR opinions and keep your cool. This is NOT a place to get all mad and fight about politics; it is a place for polite discussion and debate.

If, however, you are here to flame us, we hope that you will simply refrain from harassing us. If you do actually insult us, you will be reported to the Elfpack Guards. And we WILL find out who you are. If you are any of the others above, please join! You are very welcome here.

The Rules

1. NO FLAMING. You know very well what this means.

2. Be nice, fights will not be tolerated, however civilized debate is welcome.

3. Please, no bad language. F words, B word, S word, etc. are definite no's. Crude language isn't permitted either.

4. People are allowed here that don't like Bush, as long as they follow the rules, so don't give them problems.

5. Well, not quite a rule, but it'd be nice if you watched the page and commented once in a while.


Buildings fell but a nation rose.-George W. Bush

Get your facts on how to defend Bush against Michael Moore's accusations here:

Other cool Wikis
Go Bush
Straight way
Support Bush

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21.[Lucky Strikes]
24.[dESTRUCTIVE hAPPINESS] I am so proud of this country and my president!
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27.[Chaos in paradise] George knows what he's doin
28.[The Darkness of your soul]
29.[Music of the Night]
32. [ythouse]
33. [lovecraft girl]
36.[Grotghash] Go Bush!
37.[Tyrant Calhoun] I respect him.
38.[Goodbye Fuckers!] W!
39.[to never return bye yall]
41.[mdl csl] Bush rocks my socks
42.[Iron-wulf] I like a pres whos got some balls!
42.[csl mdl] whoot!
43.[cxx******] BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!
44.[- xX - Raychel Anne - Xx -] you can't get any better !!!!!!!
45.[taz24053] Best president so far
46.[SDEfSEfaerg dgr] A bit of Bush is always a good thing!!! (nothing suss)
47.[Deg] You've all said it already :D

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2007-01-26 [Peeves]: Having the spelling of a 5-year-old has nothing to do with being British. Though he does use the worst English I've ever seen.

2007-01-26 [RabidSphinx]: i have dyslexia, but i think i do a pretty good job. :D

2007-01-27 [Peeves]: Certainly better than that retard.

2007-01-27 [RabidSphinx]: well, some people simply do not care. sometimes i'm just too damn lazy to fix typos. and capitalization is for the norms, down with the norms!

2007-01-28 [Peeves]: You're probably the biggest "norm" here.

2007-01-29 [RabidSphinx]: i guess you didn't get the Batman Beyond ref. hmmm...i guess i'm too much of a nerd for you. >_>;
i'm not normal, i'm a mermaid. :D

2007-01-29 [Peeves]: ...when you're high.

2007-01-29 [- xX - Raychel Anne - Xx -]: i wanna be a mermaid i wannna be flounder (who's not a mermaid)

2007-01-30 [RabidSphinx]: Hugs, not drugs. Drugs rot your brain. Flounder always made me laugh because he was so fat, and a flounder fish is actually really flat and lays on it's side on the bottom of the ocean. XD

2007-01-30 [- xX - Raychel Anne - Xx -]: i know but i still love flounder hes a gupppy lol wow well i'm like flounder because i like to lay around and stuff but oh well any way drugs are cool/bad and all but alchohol is better...

its quicker :D:D:D:D bye

2007-01-30 [RabidSphinx]: Drugs are for losers who have nothing better to do with their lives or money.
and you're like a flounder? you have both your eyes on one side of your face? O_o

2007-01-31 [- xX - Raychel Anne - Xx -]: lol no i like to lay around and stuff and i'm like the flounder off of the little mermaid i'm scared of ALOT of stuff *_*

2007-08-24 [Iron-wulf]: Damn it breaks my heart to find out that our dear bastard [Peeves] has been banned.

2007-08-24 [RabidSphinx]: hahaha. about time. i donh't think i have ever reported him though. missed my chance. XD

2007-08-24 [Iron-wulf]: Well im pretty sure that guy pissed people off all over the place so I guess some other wiki reported him.

2007-08-25 [- xX - Raychel Anne - Xx -]: say aye if yea smoke

not aye! i quit yay

2008-05-19 [*_*]: go fucking bush

2008-05-20 [Iron-wulf]: Fuck you.

2008-05-20 [SDEfSEfaerg dgr]: lol

2008-05-21 [*_*]: lol why bush is the man lol he is so funy

2008-05-21 [SDEfSEfaerg dgr]: Rawr

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