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2006-08-06 12:39:01
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Bikinibabes in sunglasses competition


So it's summer, warm and hot (Sorry Australians and Argentiners, but keep on reading!)! So of course you put on a bikini and sunglasses and... then sit down in front of the computer!

But don't worry! Here is your chance to show off, impress all Elfpackers and get thousands of admirers!


Just submit an image following these rules:

§1 It should be an image of you dressed in a bikini and sunglasses infront of a computer-screen that shows Elfpack. No bare breast, no swimsuits and the screen-content should at least be somewhat visable. At least a little more than the head should be visable.

§2 The winner will get a badge and 3 donor-priviledges (see <URL:donate.html>) to hand out to self and friends.

§3 By submitting an image to this competition, you approve that Elfpack can use that image for marketing Elfpack. If Elfpack decides to use your image, you'll get 1 donor-priviledge even if your image didn't win. 

§4 The best images will be selected by the Elfpack crew and a Mainstuff poll will be used to advice the crew of which image that should win.

§5 You may only submit one image. If you have more images, then you're free to show them on Elfpack, of course, but not submit them here.

§6 The image should be uploaded to Elfpack. I suggest that you upload it by going to your house and press "Upload a folder of images" on top, because there you can upload an image without getting it resized.

§7 Deadline is 30th of July 2006.


bikinibabes in sunglasses submissions
Voting was at <poll:10973>

#1 is [Zombiie Natiion]


#2 is [FireGypsy]


#3 is [SarahToxic™]



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2006-06-21 [HaileyHOLLYHOOD]: Heck yes

2006-06-21 [~*Astarte*~]: Oh my!

2006-06-21 [RabidSphinx]: i so need to do this...>_> wish i could just use my main picture i have right now...>_<

2006-06-21 [Hedda]: Your camera is hungry for more to eat! ;)

2006-06-21 [RabidSphinx]: lol...i'll see what i can do...hopefully there wont be too many entries, so that way i wont feel intimidated...seeing Hedda's though, gosh, i dun'no if i can beat that...

2006-06-21 [RedPhoenixVII]: i don't think someone should get donor priveleges just cuz they look good in a bikini. i dunnno, just my opinion (which doesn't matter)

2006-06-21 [RabidSphinx]: but i'm poor and don't look good in a bikini, but i want donor privs!!! >_<

2006-06-21 [RedPhoenixVII]: i'll vote for you! since it's knot like they're gonna change the kontest. it was just my opinion

2006-06-21 [RabidSphinx]: hahhaa...who say's your alloud an opinion? if i wanted to hear your opinion i would have given it to you!

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: XD

2006-06-22 [stephy.h]: :( Too bad its like winter here and too cold to be wearing just a bikini!

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: That's why you should sit at your PC an turn the heating up for the picture ;)

2006-06-22 [BlindGuardian]: Well, it IS cold over here, but I hardly notice it these days ^^. ANy problem if my nose looks red because I caught a cold?

2006-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: Nope! Bikinis and sunglasses are all that matters ;)

2006-06-22 [BlindGuardian]: Woo hoo!!! *runs around naked waving her bikini in the air*

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