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This wikipage has all the badges that members of Elfpack can earn for their work (titles) and contributions (donors). Badges are only allowed to be displayed in the "Badge Slot" of your house; any other location is a violation of the rules. If you don't have a badge you believe you should, message a member of the Council.

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2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: Because when we started we had no daily art whatsoever and the EPI was used for that. If there are not enough poems to pick from, that is not Ducky's fault and doesn't mean we therefore should make a badge for poets on the EPI.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: I am not saying we make one specifically for them but I do think it is a tad too easy to get the Poets badge as is. And I am not saying that there aren't enough poems to pick from, i am saying that there are too many. have you seen the submissions page recently? I am just saying if we have a featured poet, why not give them a Poets badge, not one specifically for the EPI but have them share the one that is already here with those who submit poetry to Ducky.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: If it is too easy to get featured then that should be solved. Sharing a badge...well maybe that could work..

2005-07-09 [Tear]: That is all that I ask, because we go through our submissions and only one poet gets featured each month. Ducky has it set up so that almost everyone will get put on mainstuff. like my poem that is up there now, I submitted that about 4 months ago.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: I put a poem up... It still hasn't been used ><

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Aye, well, if it took this long for mine to be put up, I can only image how long it will take for yours, dear.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: It's a population problem... i say we kill people and all will be back to happy ^^

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Mine's a damned good one... Isn't she going by skill? I've been published with mine... And not just in some dinky school newspaper where they're required to publish it, either... >_<;

2005-07-09 [Tear]: I don't know how she is going by. I forgot i submitted that poem until it got put up on the frontpage. I agree with pyro, mass genocide of ET members, and start from new, the stragglers that survive get Guard, and then we harass the rest of the internet.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: YES! *has wanted guard forever*

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: I was thinking that since elftown is just becomeing a less liberal elfpack, they should start a new elftown. and invite only. and let elftown burn to the ground Xp it's not serveing its original purpopse anymore.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Really? I thought you of all people would've been one by now. Joost and [Goodbye EP] are both obsesse with the idea of me becoming one, and Glen said I would make a good addition. but kate, you most likely would get it before me, but that is all up to Sunny.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: No, I wont... Im not patient enough for Deb-san's tastes... >_< But I agree that ET should be abolished and remade...

2005-07-09 [Tear]: That is also why I am not actively pursuing the position. She makes the decisions, because she, like you, and dela, ish teh boss ladeh. ET angers me.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: They started the take elftown back / clean it up tihng. i hope that works out. Part of the reason i'm more avtive here is that it has less horny teanagers and isn't as crowded. the only difference is that people get to act out thier horny-ness :p pluss elfpack has giffies.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: *runs to talk to Hedda*

2005-07-09 [Tear]: I stopped going to ET because of the over critical responses to my work. That and the stupid idiots who cannot understand that I DO NOT wan to talk to them.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: I don't think that I have ever spoken to Hedda..... oh well, my loss.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: I asked him if I could have one to run ^_^

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: I go there to... hunt paine and host and participate in contests. I'm hosting the BFG Contest with the [Dumpysaurus] there now.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: lol. but yeah, i just want a new elftown. abolish the old one and use the same server.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Have one what to run? A message board?

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: No, an elite artists community... ^_^

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: have fun running it @_@ ill be a gaurd and help filter out the people who are there for sex :p

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Hehe... Shouldn't be much harder than running the EPI x_X;

2005-07-09 [Tear]: oOoOo, I would have fun weeding out the little buggers.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Hehehe... Im sure ^_^

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: I wouldn't talk to [Hedda] about cleaning up Elftown: you will damn sure piss him off as he is already fed up with people complaining about it when they don't bother making good (working) suggestions for improvement. Now on to business: you can use the badge [Tear] :)

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Alrighty then, Thanks dear, i will tell Dela, so we can start putting up our featured poets. Umm, Yeah, Hurricane off the coast of Florida right now, and I happen to be in Florida, we are getting tornadoes, so I am outta here.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: Whoaa >.<

2005-07-09 [Tear]: I am staying on until my power goes out. So scratch the "I'm outta here" bit

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: LOL!

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Someone's addicted to EP... >.>

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Aye, you have got me dead to rights, my dear.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: XD

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: My good working suggestion is to move the serious artists elsewhere, Deb-san...

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Methinks that would be a good idea, in theory, but you will always end up with those who aren't so dedicated to art, and the ones who would want to cause a bit of trouble. Unless you made the site invite only.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: I keep saying an invite site. the only problem is rebuilding the wikis and stuff like that. but people will get over it.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Too bad i don't submit my artwork here. I would if my scanner were not on the fritz, but unfortunately it is, so i can't scan my stuff *sob*. Maybe i should get more into artwork though.... *ponders*

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: Not only is it dieing, but it's being sucked into a tornado O_O *is glad he lives in california* then again, californias bean on fire, and earthquakey, and i live like... 1 minute bike rides away from a volcano... *hides*

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Lol. Yeah, I get hurricanes and tornadoes, you get volcanoe eruptions and earthquakes. I don't think we are safe anywhere, unless we are in a place like Texas, and then you have to worry about the Mexicans.....

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: Southern california... texas dasn't even KNOW what mexicans are. i live in sandi-bloody-ego... MEXICANS EVERYWERE!!!!!

2005-07-09 [Tear]: LMAO! I have cubans down here.... Damn Castro. You have asians galore in Cali too, i can imagine.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: yeah. they just float accross the pacific. and yet they are still have the highest populated contreys in the world. but they usually dock in sanfrancisco. the mexicans just have to walk up here. AHA! cubans. i just watched scare face the other day. all the mexicans here are obsessed with it. they think he's mexican. you have old people!

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Of course it would be invite only... And no advertising to speak of, perse...

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Yes, I have old people, and all the college students, and the cubans, what is this world coming to?

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: hm... but then some of the true elftown artists might get excluded. hm...

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: I simply meant that it would not be plastered everywhere, like EP was... A hint there, a word there, counting on word of mouth... or keyboard...

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: I have all the drugged up rich kids who spend thier money on your cubans drugs :p

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: yeah... that would work.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Lol Cuban drugs, hee hee hee. I swear, I am going to start a Chinese Mafia down here to stamp out all that crap so we can set up our own.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: as if scar face wern't enough violence ive also bean playing GTA Vice City. Crime in florida is all thats on my mind :p

2005-07-09 [Tear]: *Scar face. Crime in Florida is often all people see, unfortunately. And unfortunately, all the bad rep we get from games like that is mostly true.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: <<;;

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Anywhooooo. back to the badges. We need someone to start delivering those Poets badges, and soon, because either we do, or the backlog will be horrendous.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: I'm doing my best. despite not being able to :p

2005-07-09 [Tear]: I just want to know why other people can't deliver the badges. I mean, had I the privs, I would do it, but I don't. Joost could do it, we don't have to wait on certain people for it, but for some reason, we are.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: I wish I could do it, but Deb-san doesnt trust me with the privs yet...

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Lol, oh well. Maybe you could convince her to give out some privs on a temporary basis. Like for issues like this, we could handle it, and when we are done, BAM, she takes them back.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: *shrugs* I pleaded with her for the privs to do the giffies with, even only temporarily, and she said not yet, and maybe never, cause Im just not suited... *damns her irish temper to the lowest level of the firely hells*

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: O_o i would help with pet delivery but thats up to [Big Brother] really. and he says we don't need more. But i don't have much else to do now, unlike dwemer and angelo who are mannageing alot of different wikis.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: This was back before Jon took over... *shrugs*

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Joost and Aneglo are work-whores, i don't think they could survive here without doing any work, lol.I swear, Joost used to be just one of my workers, a week later he is on the council, he is a contractor, and he has like 4 new badges. I don't even know where the hell Angelo came from. And Kate, dear, I think it is because Deb doesn't feel that we need anymore guards as of yet.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: No, she about told me that Im not suited... My temper tends to run too high, and I can be subjective, with as many friends on EP as I have, and my permanently ensconsed in the EPI...

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Aye, I see.Oh well, there goes that idea. I tried though. I wonder, would a ever go biased about stuff because of the people here? That is a good question.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: Having friends doesn't mean you're a good guard. That would mean cyberwhores with all their friends should become guards too. And you are appreciated for your work, that's why you are custodian now. And each time I have to read this stuff, you're not making it any better. Entering stolen art to a contest doesn't help matters either.

2005-07-09 [Dwemer]: being a guard means you should be sensible and wise. I read this somewhere in an official piece, written by you Debbs or Alan.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: Eh yes...? And your point being? :)

2005-07-09 [Dwemer]: I wanted to tell this to [Tear] :)

2005-07-09 [Dwemer]: But erm, if EPI poets get the same badge as the Daily Poem poets, we should have another page with the poets listed.

2005-07-09 [PyroBuggy]: well if the daily poets are just on a waiting list then no badges for them. and rather poet badges for the EPI poets only. that seems like a clean and simple way to do it...

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: The EPI can make a list of poets....and the picking of poets should be changed for the daily poems if it is true what has been said.

2005-07-09 [Dwemer]: Yeps, it's really strange... I'll give the order to [De'ladrei].

2005-07-09 [Dwemer]: Btw Debbs, I mist the convo back there, but would there be a place for Daily Art too? Or would that be to full ?

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: No, we don't want everything to be like ET. Daily Poem is already too much like it :(

2005-07-09 [Dwemer]: Yeah... But we have Daily Goofs =P

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Which is unique. And Deb, the comment about friends, was that for me, or Kate?

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: It was a reply to [Solitiaum] in general. She was also the one implying that having lots of friends must make you a suitable guard.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: She said that she has a lot of friends, so that was another reason why she wouldn't make one, dear. She was pointing out reasons why she wouldn't make a good Guard.

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: whats the diffrence? haveing a wide circle of friends does not reduice the loyalty of being a guard

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: [Tear]: you read it wrong, I think anyway..or maybe I did. Either way it is COMPLETELY unrelated as [Nevermore.] said.

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: thats what i though *rubs head* i though i was going mad...popularty is not even significant

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: I was saying that because I have so many friends, that I might find it hard to be objective and impartial. Thats all. >_<

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: ah, right...see ive just entered the convo.....u mean that you would be baised if you had to tell off a friend?

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Methinks she is saying that she might let a few things slide with her buddies that she wouldn't with a normal member or someone who pissed her off.

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Oh yeah, back on topic. Now that the EPI poets can get the badge, umm, who is going to deliver them?

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: well, i got mine....

2005-07-09 [Tear]: WHO DELIVERED IT?!?!? I have been trying to establish someone to deliver all these badges since I found out about them and here you show you with one, and I don't think anyone else has one.

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Yes, thats what I meant... x_x Sheesh...

2005-07-09 [Tear]: 'Tis okay Kate, *huggles and such* Oiy me, I need to go and get some food soon. I think I am going to walk somewhere and get something, i'll be back in like a half hour.

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: [Tear] hun, clam down, [Alexandra the Great] gave me mine, i thought she gave everyone one

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: i just got it today

2005-07-09 [Solitiaum]: Alexandra was approved to deliver them!!!

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: *was just answering a question...backs away*

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Oh, in that case, good, but she has a lot of work on her hands as is with the comic characters things, her waiting list for that is huge. Couldn't someone else have been picked? Like someone who has nothing else, or minor things to do? And no, I haven't recieved mine yet, but like I said, she is going to have to juggle a lot of things now.

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: O.o

2005-07-09 [Tear]: Am I wrong? Check out the list she has of comic requests.

2005-07-09 [Nevermore.]: i would, as i have nothing to do, but i aint got the privs!...what privs do you need?

2005-07-09 [Sunrose]: I replied to something else. I told her to not do it if she was too busy. I also okayed [Spikéd One].

2005-07-09 [Tear]: [Spikéd One] won't be online for a while, if you read the message in his house. I think you need to have at least 14 for your privs to do that.

2005-07-10 [Tear]: Anywho *goes to get food*

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: i have 49..i think. *checks*

2005-07-10 [Tear]: I have like 98, lol. I am left out of the loop in a lot of things.

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: aw *hugs*

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: dude!!!! i dont want you wasteing away on me

2005-07-10 [Solitiaum]: Again, I would offer, but it isnt up to me... *goes off to draw giffies*

2005-07-10 [Tear]: Alright, I am back now, along with a double cheeseburger and king size fries.

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: lol, mcdonolds!

2005-07-10 [Tear]: Burger King, and they accidentily gave me a double whopper instead of a double cheeseburger, and I am not walking all the way back there... Oh well, my gain their loss.

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: lol haha! as long as u eat

2005-07-10 [Tear]: Aye, and the whopper is bigger then a double sheeseburger, I just don't like the onions and tomatoes from fast food places *picks them off*

2005-07-10 [PyroBuggy]: well that streemd right off topic...

2005-07-10 [Sunrose]: Ducky said he would check in while being at her house. And that's the last there should be said about this: obviously it's already being worked on one way or another.

2005-07-10 [Tear]: Aye, that it did. We need people who aren't too busy with other things to deliver these badges. Hey PyroBuggy, what are YOU doing?

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: they aint got the privs..........

2005-07-10 [Sunrose]: Please drop the subject.

2005-07-10 [Tear]: Oh, sorry love, I didn't see that comment until afterwards.

2005-07-10 [Nevermore.]: *ish droped*

2005-07-10 [PyroBuggy]: I'm sitting here takeing care of all the wikis that filled up while i was away...

2005-10-11 [Mildred Hubble]: Hello there, just want to let you know there is a new badge out that can be found here: Elpack Jokes Thanks. (^__^)

2005-10-11 [Dwemer]: Debbs, is it allright if I put it up here ?

2005-11-04 [~shedeamon~]: Tear did you say you need some one to deliver badges

2005-11-06 [Tear]: Huh? I don't have any say in who delivers them or not. I can't even deliver them. And if you want to know, don't ask me because I am not in a position to know that.

2005-11-08 [~foxy~]: how can you earn a badge?

2005-11-08 [~foxy~]: i mean like what do you need to do in order to get a badge?

2005-11-30 [Kimbolina!]: i wnt 2 earn a badge

2006-03-05 [Yvonniaaah]: i think you people who made a banner did a great job!

2006-04-21 [Mildred Hubble]: Hello, me again. I got a complaint from one of the people who got a joke up on Mainstuff and didn't get a badge. I said I'd look into it, and I've found out that no one has gotten a badge and that it's not even up in here. Whomever is in charge of distributing badges, here is the EP Joker's badge <img:stuff/epjbadge.gif> and the list of those who need it can be found here Hall of Laughs. Thank you very much. :)

2006-04-21 [zoloftzantac]: There really isn't anyone in charge of distributing badges for stuff like this. It would be ideal if someone on your staff could do it. That is how Daily Goof is ran, if you don't have a priv 14 person on your staff I can help you, just message me.

2006-04-21 [zoloftzantac]: *adds the badge to this page*

2006-05-15 [samon98]: how do i get a bage?

2006-05-29 [PyroBuggy]: There needs to be a "PyroBuggy's Sex Bitch* badge.... Or not? <<;;

2006-05-29 [kittykittykitty]: bah... if I used a program that supported the template I would have made it ;)

2006-06-24 [joshy]: how can i earn a badge

2006-07-21 [PyroBuggy]: The easiest way to get a badge 101... Buddy up with someone who has privs (usually a contractor) and donate some shitty little piece of art to whatever page they are currently working on.

2006-07-21 [kittykittykitty]: The easiet way to earn a badge is to donate money, graphics or poetry. I imagine someone trying to 'buddy up' to another with privs can be rather annoying

2006-07-21 [Tear]: Extremely annoying. Especially since those of us who have badges are all easily angered and domineering, right?

2006-08-13 [Zombiie Natiion]: where do i post to get my questions answered about compotition winners badges?? coz i won that bikini babes comp and i still havnt got a badge :( i was quite gutted...

2006-08-14 [Tear]: Ask [Hedda] about it. He was the one who handled those competitions.

2006-08-14 [kittykittykitty]: Ask on the competition page :) It doesn't take too long to give out badges, somebody probably just forgot to do it, or haven't got round to it yet ^_^"

2006-08-15 [Zombiie Natiion]: wheres the compotition page?? >.<" i cant find it

2006-08-15 [kittykittykitty]: Oops ^_^" *adds it to this page* Elfpack Contests

2006-08-15 [kittykittykitty]: Hum... *edits page* Much neater now ^_^

2006-12-04 [kittykittykitty]: I need an expert opinion :) Which is better? Badges2 (where I used the 'wikiimg' feature), or this page?

2006-12-08 [Dwemer]: The last one, by far ;) GJ.

2006-12-10 [Tear]: I think the latter is more user-friendly then this page is.

2007-01-30 [kittykittykitty]: Ok, I switched it (finally). I'm thinking most people who view this page just want to look at the pretty badges rather than actually earn any... ;D

2007-07-30 [Bookwyrm]: Added the two quote badges. ^_^ Hope no one minds.

EDIT: Replaced them with the GIF versions. Rougher, but fully operational. x_X The PNGs don't size correctly.

2007-08-07 [kittykittykitty]: They still look good :) Thanks! :D

2007-08-08 [Bookwyrm]: Thanks Kitty. ^_^

2007-09-19 [Captain_Heart]: thanks once again a grat help

2007-09-19 [Bookwyrm]: The template is a psd file, so make sure the art program you're using can handle psd files. To open it, just go to your art program and click "File" (or whatever menu button has "Open" underneath it) and then "Open." Then just find the place where you've saved the template and either double-click it, or click it and then click the "Open" button on the dialogue screen you're in. The best program to use would be Adobe Photoshop if you can get it, but I used GIMP to make mine and it worked just fine. GIMP is free, if you want it, but you'll need to download the GTK +2 program first to run's a link to where you can download both of them:


2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Er, what did you change?

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Oh, I see.. lol

Don't put that here yet! It's not even released to the public.

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: PSHAW!!!!!!! k >>

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Be more careful with stuff like that.
You're bad at keeping Council-matters off public pages.

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: > I know >< It's a habbit I'm TRYING to I'll just..ask yer permission next time >>

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Good idea. ^^

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Sooooooooooo, I found my....PS >> It was @ MY MOMS HOUSE

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: *chuckles*
Yeah, find it after I finish the work. =(

2011-08-15 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I'll be making several badges now...just because I WANT TO!

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Run by me which badges you're making/what they're for, if they're official.


2011-09-10 [Stephen]: Huge text is slightly.. overboard, you know..

Anyway, PM me and I'll list off some badges we need.

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: You can retype that now in regular text rather than being a nuisance. Thank you. :)

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: :o I was just adjusting it when you deleted!

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: Well, that's why you should type it right the first time. /bats eyelashes

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *blinks and curls up around the [Bookwyrm]* but...but...but... sometimes Wesker look-o-like doesn't pay attention!

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: Then message someone else?

2011-09-10 [Stephen]: I pay attention to everything! =P

I just tend to be busy, normally.

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Honestly, I would love to message someone else. but no one'd as much fun to bug as Stephen is

2011-09-10 [Stephen]: That's so nice to know. =P
You should be happy I'm patient and easy-going. ;)

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *snickers*

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: Yeah, I'm not a lot of fun to bug. Typically because I consume the souls of those that annoy me. But still people bug me.

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: thank goodness I have no soul for you to consume

2011-09-10 [Stephen]: Traci! Come on chat! :3

Bugs are tiny little creatures to be stepped on. :3

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: I don't just consume souls. :)

Actually, I can't. I just popped back on because my Granny is feeding the gnome, but I can't stay. :( Sowwie.

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: yes you can!

2011-09-10 [Stephen]: Q_Q

No fun.

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: No, she is not

2011-09-10 [Bookwyrm]: To quote you: no. :P

2011-09-10 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lies

2012-01-13 [Cerulean Sins]: Hey

Is okay for me to use the contest badge for my contest? If someone PM's me I'll send you the link to the contest :)

Kind Regards,

[Cerulean Sins]

2012-01-14 [Cerulean Sins]: Gonna use the contest badge for the contest :) It will make the page look very pretty ^^

2012-01-14 [kittykittykitty]: If it's an official contest, ofc you can give out the badge!

2012-01-14 [Cerulean Sins]: It's for the Swearing Poem Contest :D

2012-05-03 [sammie h!]: ERRM [Stephen] This needs changing. :)

2012-05-03 [Stephen]: Yes, I'm aware of that.

So does How to Gain an EP title.

However, I haven't done it since we're not completely done with changing the badges around. =P

2012-05-04 [sammie h!]: Oh ok lol, I thought it was done. :)

2012-05-07 [Stephen]: =]

2012-11-16 [sammie h!]: Can I have access to this page please for a project I am doing for [Stephen]

2012-11-16 [Stephen]: Nope. :3

I already have plans for this page. =P

2012-11-17 [sammie h!]: Oh ok, do you want me to do the other badges then or just leave that up to you? X

2012-11-19 [Stephen]: You can do the Admin page you're working on.

This page just displays what they look like. :P

2012-11-20 [sammie h!]: I was only wanting the badges and then deleting the written stuff, I Was only wanting to copy and paste. X

2012-11-21 [Stephen]: These badges are outdated, anyway. xD

You'd need to go to the actual crew pages to get the correct badges. :3

2012-11-22 [sammie h!]: Ok x

2014-09-24 [sammie h!]: I will sort this out either today or tomorrow

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