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Artistic Nudity Rules

part of Artistic Nudity


Welcome to the Artistic Nudity Rules page

Be respectful to others here or you will be removed.



1) Follow the Uploading Art Rules or your membership will be revoked, and you will be banned.

2) Do NOT steal any one elses work! You will be banned from the page and [zoloftzantac] will deal with you.

3) Please be respectful to others.

4) Do NOT put down other people's work. Everyone is an equal here.

5) If you have any questions please send a message to [zoloftzantac] or [eyes of frost].

6) Follow the Artistic Nudity Guidlines before submitting a peice of art work.

7) Photography is allowed and welcomed. Drawings and paintings are also welcomed.

8) Do not submit anyone else's work! If they wish to submit something they must submit it themselves.

9) Have fun!



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Artistic Nudity Rules

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Artistic Nudity Guidlines


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[zoloftzantac] or [eyes of frost]

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