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2008-07-08 03:45:04
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Artistic Nudity Members

Part of Artistic Nudity


These are the people who have joined our community in, Artistic Nudity.


Go to Artistic Nudity Membership to become a member.


1) [zoloftzantac]
2) [eyes of frost]
3) [Lust]
4) [skullhead]
5) [MissZombie]
6) [bloodmut]
7) [DrakeA]
8) [cburg]
9) [sexy-slut]
10) [~Forever Fallen~]
11) [Elisa]
12) [Mom]
13) [Boom!!!]
14) [its a snowy day]
15) [BlindGuardian]
16) [Fr3Ak $HoW]
17) [Pua]
18) [the phantom]
19) [Shadows in the mist]
20) [Lyon Armonial the healer]
21) [take me home and feed me]
22) [NE0]
23) [W!ld KAT]
24) [TwIzTiD FreekSHOW]
25) [~altopia~]
26) [Pretty Pixie]
27) [here]
28) [gone but not forgotten]
29) [Opal]
30) [St.Morgan]
31) [Coco caca]
32) [Deadly Pacifist]
33) [shadow of darkness]
34) [Pua]
35) [Iron-wulf]
36) [dshwshr55]
37) [groban]
38) [cloud.]
39) [~*Astarte*~]
41) [bookie_gurl]
42) [Firenze]
43) [chrispychef]
44) [covenant]
45) [corupted reconasonce]
46) [wheelsy]
47) [Saira]
48) [Dog Street Chaos]
49) [triad]
50) [kittykittykitty]
51) [Football stud]
53) [tazz]
54) [Kira.]
55) [Vreiyn Estrea Luna]
56) [Akimorou]
57) [Sia Tasha]
58) [Love like Winter.]
59) [kyba_the_elf]
60) [clay]
61) [whygodwhy]
62) [-dot-]
63) [mr.superpower]
64) [..oops..]
65) [Amack]
66) [birdsong]
67) [Punk Kid]
68) [Miss BettyBoop]
69) [Sieg Heil!!.PK]
70) [Eyes of the Reaper]
71) [Technobable]
72) [Mr.Bong_420]
73) [carruthers1]
74) [Vilarus]
75) [spike-lee]
76) [sadandlonely]
77) [blackrigante]
78) [my innocent romance]
79) [Deviant Z]
80) [Dead Inside.]
81) [Hot Tabasco]
82) [Beloved Promise]
83) [tomorrow's tragedy]
84) [Defender Of Your Freedom]
85) [ShadowSong]
86) [tomguy]
87) [take me home and feed me]
88) [Cosmo]
89) [Love .Me .Like .You .Love .The .Sun.]
90) [xxГøвiη_AмαziŋGټ]
91) [kavik]
92) [Golden Dawn]


For any questions, comments or concerns please message:

[zoloftzantac] or [eyes of frost]. Thanks!


Artistic Nudity Rules

Artistic Nudity Submissions

Artistic Nudity Guidlines

Artistic Nudity

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2006-06-23 [kittykittykitty]: <3 That should work :) I hope you don't get too much hate mail in response

2006-07-06 [eyes of frost]: OMG!!! We are almost at 60 if those darnedable members would start submitting...

2006-07-25 [eyes of frost]: Wow...look at 'em go.

2006-08-14 [..oops..]: Yay! Me so happy!!!! XD
[zoloftzantac] are very funny

2006-08-15 [zoloftzantac]: huh? did I say something funny? :p

2006-10-03 [eyes of frost]: Alrighty Joe. Since I did the clean out of the members that were not active on elftown, you get to do it here.

2006-10-03 [zoloftzantac]: huh? what do you mean?

2006-10-03 [eyes of frost]: That if members are not going to be active they should not be here. I know it sounds rude but having numbers is not the same as having active members you know?

2006-10-04 [zoloftzantac]: I guess I never thought about trying to keep track of our active members ... how do we know who is active? I mean, if people come to EP but never come to this wiki do they get deleted or something. It sounds weird to me.

2006-10-04 [eyes of frost]: If they are a member here but do not post in the forum or the wiki atleast once a week to let us know they are alive, they shouldn't be here, even if they have submitted work. If they submitted work, they have more reason to be here and comment and be active you know?

2006-10-04 [zoloftzantac]: uhhh ... so you deleted everyone on ET who doesn't post every week?

O_o I don't post every week

2006-10-08 [eyes of frost]: Nooo! I mean, they are a member and they want to be here...but they don't post or have anything to do with the wiki after they become a member. And we can't get rid of helped make this wiki you know.

2006-10-08 [zoloftzantac]: Well, I think of this place as an art gallery, it is fine with me if people join so that they can view it, even if that is all they ever do

2006-10-09 [eyes of frost]: ...But it would be nice to have SOME interactivity other then arguments...

2006-10-09 [zoloftzantac]: I agree that it would be nice to see more activity here, we can all help that happen. I don't think deleting people will help that, and I don't want to use a threat of being deleted to try to force people to be more active.

2006-10-09 [eyes of frost]: ....Fine. *sighs* Maybe I am being mean but...jeeze...all I ever see here is fighting or no talking at all. *sighs*

2006-10-10 [zoloftzantac]: I do agree that it would be great to see more positive activity here. I guess it is time I got up off my arse and did some art myself ;)

2006-10-10 [eyes of frost]: Yea. You should! *pokes*

2006-11-13 [Lust]: Um, hi?

2008-06-26 [zoloftzantac]: Hey there sweetie, sorry I haven't been around in months or I would have said hi back much sooner.

2008-07-08 [zoloftzantac]: I just added a bunch of people, some of you should have been on this list long ago, now there are 92 of us.

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