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2009-12-16 03:02:08
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Arrogant Bastard Ale review

My review of Arrogant Bastard Ale: (But first a little story)

     So one night me and my homeboy Spook were bar hopping around the Lower East Side and as we stood on the corner of Houston and Essex looking for the next place to go Spook says "Hey, why don't we try that bar that says 'BAR'?". I looked over to where he was pointing and sure enough, there was a neon sign hanging over a bar that simply read "BAR". When we actually stood in front of the place, we realized that there was another sign on the building that read "ESSEX ALE HOUSE". We entered and took in the place like a couple of badass gunslingers from your typical western. Just standing there in the doorway like a couple of idiots. The place was tiny! It was about the size of my fucking living room! Never before have i been in a bar that small. It actually felt kind of...cozy. So anyways, we take seats at the bar and take a look at the selection. Amongst the usual shit and some others that i did'nt recognize was a tap with a demonic looking creature on it. In unison, me and Spook pointed to it and said "I want that!". The hot little bartender replies "Arrogant Bastards for the Arrogant Bastards!"(we had been drinking since noon and because of our mouths she had gotten to know us very well very quickly!)to which we replied "That's us!", clinked our glasses together, and took the sip that changed our perception of beer and our lives forever...

Actual review portion:

Color- Pretty fucking dark!
Composition- Pretty fucking thick!
Taste- Will blow you the fuck away!

Take the AB Challenge!:

Drink an Arrogant Bastard and then drink another beer like a Corona or a Bud Lite immediatly afterwards. I guarantee that you wont even taste that fizzy yellow swill anymore. The AB will have ruined your palate. In time even the thought of drinking lesser beers will thoroughly disgust you. _Forgive my poor writing. This is my first review. Drink on! XP                    
/ [Illness]

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2009-12-25 [Hedda]: I just love the name of the beer!

2011-08-15 [Stephen]: Hey.
I have one of those. o_O'

I want to take a picture of me with it, now.

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