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2007-09-10 20:33:38
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If you have given Angel [One More Worthless Fallen Angel] a protection banner, you will find it here. Thanks!!!

Given to me by my first love, Kyra ^__^ [kyraawr] She is most definatly one of the best friends I could ever hope for and DANG I LOVE THAT HOT GIRL!!!!!!

Given to me by Kiki [Empty~Soul] She is SUCH a amazing girl and I love her to bits. Hurt her and you answer to a very angry angel...

Given to me by Luna [Luna Armonial]. She is a truly inspiring and wonderful human being. She is just amazing.

Given to me by Lexi [;;Melodrama Junkie] She's such a cool person and she RAWKS my SAWKS!!!! MWHAHAHA I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Given to me by Ducky [Evil Ducky] she's a really fun girl to
talk to and really sweet XD And I gave her wings XDDD

Given to me by Kelcee [Stupid Angel]. I love her alot so DO NOT mess or you will NOT see tomorrow

Given to me by Chrissy [The Hidden Flame] my best friend from the virtual world, and also my blood brother

Given to me by Ashy [It was just my imagination.] but I call her Person :) She is a frickin awesome girl and I love her to bits. So no messing yeah?

From Eva [Necrobioticrash], it makes you feel oh so loved ^_^

From Bryony, my best friend in the whole of cyberspace. I love her SOOO much I go BANG!

From Alice [The Incredible Bulk] my little sister ^_^

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2007-05-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ^_^ I'm there!

2007-05-30 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Yeah you are! ^__^

2007-05-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Yay!

2007-05-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: ^_^

2007-05-30 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: ^_______^ CHRIS HAS A PIC UP!!!!!!!!!

2007-05-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: o=!

2007-05-30 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: !!!!!! He's so cute bless him XD

2007-05-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD He could have at least smiled :P

2007-05-30 [One More Worthless Fallen Angel]: Haha that's a very big smile for him!

2007-05-30 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: xD! So he told me..

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