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2005-01-17 23:42:45
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As you all no Anarchy is anti-goverment, this page is for Anarchist and people who really really despise goverment.

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2005-01-28 [fuck it all 666]: i can make a banner for the wiki, just tell me how

2005-02-04 [dragonfun]: i deleate every thing

2005-03-29 [gonegonegone]: lol i'd love to join! add me to the Anarchy members!!!

2005-04-06 [kdfjhg]: man, lets just burn everything

2005-05-08 [Prynce of the Vampyres]: leave no evidence

2005-05-08 [kdfjhg]: exactly

2005-05-13 [Prynce of the Vampyres]: you all have to know some dirty little tricks, right?

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