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Ok everyone, I know this academy means alot to some people, and I dont want you all to think its been closed down or anything. In fact its had a major overhaul done to it, and has its own website to accommodate the new changes, so please go to to see the new academy!


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2007-05-27 [Kalisie Kilik]: Lol, I almost forgot my username on here, XD...

2007-05-27 [Elf_Person]: omfg

2007-05-27 [Empty~Soul]: lol nice robby

2007-05-27 [Kalisie Kilik]: Make a new one then, lol

2007-05-27 [Elf_Person]: lol nope, ive been banned once then created a new one im not creating another one

2007-05-27 [Kalisie Kilik]: Well fine then...I guess you dont want to see the second biggest wiki ET's ever had, XD

2007-05-27 [Empty~Soul]: lol

2007-05-27 [Cheyenne Lee]: join?

2007-08-14 [~aki~]: If Im on the ET one too, do I still have to fill out the application again?

2007-08-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: Unfortunalty yes, the app here is different from the one there, plus I still need you in the database

2007-08-14 [~aki~]: Damn....Alright...

2007-08-14 [Elf_Person]: TT_TT

2007-08-14 [~aki~]: Oo Whats wrong?(And...I dontknow what to call you anymore, too many damn names...Ill fill it out later)

2007-08-14 [Elf_Person]: Idk i just felt like doing that lol, Jus call me Rob *does super hero pose*

2007-08-15 [~aki~]: Sorry, not you. Headmaster.

2007-08-15 [Empty~Soul]: *laughs alittle*

2007-08-15 [~aki~]: I know him on Et....Well, through someone more than personaly.

2007-08-16 [Empty~Soul]: i dont think anyone knows anyone on her personally unless they happen to live inthe same town

2007-08-24 [Kalisie Kilik]: I know me personaly!...XDDDDD Oh and everyone can just call me Abel, or whatever else, it doesnt matter to me, lol

2007-08-24 [Elf_Person]: i know [ftw2007] personaly

2007-09-19 [Kalisie Kilik]: OMG, MY WIKIES DEAD AGAIN!!!!! XD

2007-09-19 [shadows of life]: mine too

2007-09-20 [Orochimaru]: eh mine never got started lol.

2008-01-20 [Sabrina Catherine]: hey all ^^;

2008-01-21 [Empty~Soul]: all mine hardly started

2008-03-04 [Kalisie Kilik]: HEY EVERYONE IM BACK!!! And im going to need everyones help and support (Even if it means moral support) because im doing a million and a half changes to the academy, let me put it this way, you wont recognize it once im done, lmao

2008-03-04 [Empty~Soul]: im here to help

2008-03-04 [Kalisie Kilik]: Ok everyone, there are new applications for the academy and I would highly appreciate it if everyone refills them out and sends them back to me so I can redo the academy so its way better and cooler. Many thanks to everyone thats actually paying attention and doing as asked.

2008-03-06 [Kalisie Kilik]: So far only one person has done as I asked, am I to assume that nobody else here is interested in an academy thats been dead for awhile, but is on the verge of booming once again?

2008-03-06 [Cheyenne Lee]: i wanna but im so lost here haha theres liek 34870934809 pages and haha and im never on elfpack anymore

2008-03-06 [Empty~Soul]: wow im the first?

2008-03-06 [Kalisie Kilik]: Well what would an academy be without 34870934809 pages, all I ask is that everyone refills out the academy applications and send them back to me, is that too much to ask?

2008-03-06 [Empty~Soul]: nope not if i can do it

2008-03-06 [Kalisie Kilik]: Ok everyone! I am current looking for at least 1 maybe 2 vice headmasters! Anyone that thinks they have what it takes to be responsible and hardworking enough to be a vice headmaster, please just send me a message!

2008-03-07 [Empty~Soul]: not me im not smart enough thats why im a student

2008-03-07 [shadows of life]: i think i could but i'm to lazy to try

2008-03-07 [Kalisie Kilik]: Lol, lazy isnt necessarily a bad thing. I only need someone to help keep things going and to help organize things, as well as help me think of other good things to add. 

2008-03-08 [shadows of life]: i could try help with that

2008-03-08 [Kalisie Kilik]: Is that your way of saying you'll accept the role of a vice headmaster? XD

2008-03-08 [shadows of life]: no could be a student help or something like that

2008-03-08 [Kalisie Kilik]: I guess that works too, I need all the help I can get around here, what do you think of the academy, compared to how it used to be? XD

2008-03-08 [shadows of life]: i really don't remember how it was

2008-03-08 [Kalisie Kilik]: Oh...lets just say it was small and looked like an elementary school, XD...but what do you think of it at this current moment? XP

2008-03-08 [shadows of life]: it cool

2008-03-23 [shadows of life]: The Mages Alchemy Shop why is Spider Venom and Snake Vemon under both rare and common items

2008-03-23 [Kalisie Kilik]: It is? Well it isnt any more, I didnt even realize that, thanks for pointing it out, lol

2008-03-24 [shadows of life]: welcome

2008-03-28 [Meison Asagari]: Ok.
im in. and realy looking forward to some RP! :)

2008-03-29 [Kalisie Kilik]: Well as you can see, there are more then enough places to RP in, XP

2008-04-01 [GlassCasket]: wow this place has gotten more advanced since i was here last lol im sorry i have not been active here in a while but i've been....really busy

2008-04-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Its quite alright, Ive been pretty busy also, lol

2008-04-01 [GlassCasket]: lol kk

2008-04-03 [Jessegore']: wat is thiss?

2008-04-03 [Kalisie Kilik]: The name alone should explain what this is, if you read the description, as well as everything else then it should be pretty self explanatory. XP


2008-04-11 [Meison Asagari]: hello all! Im realy enjoying this, where is the most RPing done here? am i missing something? is there a page i havn't been to that has people operating that i may have missed?

sorry to bother you all :)

2008-04-11 [Kalisie Kilik]: Now that you mention it, the academy sort of died for some reason, currently as far as I know the most active parts are my Mage class package, if you do something in one of the Rp areas like one of the arena's, or other surrounds around the academy im sure someone will respond, XP...btw The Great Waterfall is a great place to relax in. ^^

2008-04-11 [Elf_Person]: Hello sir, *bows* may I aquire which class I will be teaching

2008-04-11 [Kalisie Kilik]: Please dont bow to me, you know I dont like it when people do that just because im the for your classes, I have you set up to teach Dark Arts and Demonic Arts like you requested. ^^

2008-04-11 [Elf_Person]: Thank you sir. I will not let you nor the students down

2008-05-27 [Hells Chaos]: so how is everything

2008-05-27 [Elf_Person]: good you?

2008-05-27 [Hells Chaos]: good

2008-06-25 [Kalisie Kilik]: Hey I just thought Id let everyone know that I am joining the Army soon and will be away for at least 6 months for basic training, so I will be leaving the academy in the hands of my vice headmaster during the time that im gone. Oh and lets try and at least make this academy a little more active before I leave, ^^

2008-06-25 [Meison Asagari]: hey! good luck recruit!

hope you have a good time!
we will see you when you return. :)

2008-07-11 [Blinded Seraphim]: good luck to ya soldier, hoowah!

2008-07-11 [Hells Chaos]: wait does that mean im in charge

2008-07-12 [Blinded Seraphim]: it would seem likely...

2008-07-16 [Kalisie Kilik]: Yep, your in charge, starting right now, this will be my last time on for a few months, XP...I leave the Academy in capable hands, ^^ When I get back from basic training, I plan on making a ton of changes, so enjoy the academy while its still bland and boring, XD

2008-07-22 [Hells Chaos]: k will do

2008-08-06 [Elf_Person]: I leave October 29th

2008-08-06 [Hells Chaos]: k

2008-10-02 [Kalisie Kilik]: Awesome, about a full month from now...btw im back, XP

2008-10-02 [Elf_Person]: ABEL

2008-10-03 [Hells Chaos]: yay so how was basic

2008-10-05 [Kalisie Kilik]: It sucked ass, but I managed to survive...barely,lol

2008-10-06 [Hells Chaos]: lol well im probably leaving for basic next summer

2008-10-08 [Elf_Person]: Im leaving in about two months, im going to be a Apache mechanic

2008-10-09 [Orochimaru]: how do you join?

2008-10-10 [Kalisie Kilik]: Join what, the academy, or the Army? XD

2008-10-11 [Orochimaru]: academy...i'm not cut out for the army...

2008-10-12 [Kalisie Kilik]: Ok then, just go to Academy Applications fill out the form for either a teacher or student, depending on what you want to be, and send the information to me in a PM. Once I get the form, I'll add it into the academy, and you will officially be a member.

2008-10-14 [Orochimaru]: kk

2008-10-14 [Hells Chaos]: im going to be a sniper

2008-10-15 [Orochimaru]: ...

2008-11-04 [Hells Chaos]: ive got my ship date

2008-11-08 [Kalisie Kilik]: Really? When do you leave?

2008-11-10 [Hells Chaos]: july sixth of next year

2008-11-10 [Kalisie Kilik]: Have they told you where it is that your going?

2008-11-12 [Hells Chaos]: Paris Island

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: *looks around*

2008-11-14 [Hells Chaos]: hi!

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: Hello^_^

2008-11-14 [Hells Chaos]: whats up

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: hehehee...nothing much...working on some

2008-11-14 [Hells Chaos]: yea me too

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: ^_^ iv been working on Health

2008-11-14 [Hells Chaos]: lol a technology brochure

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: now im in my online writing composition class

2008-11-14 [Hells Chaos]: and im still working on that brochue

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: hahahaa, kk^_^

2008-11-14 [Hells Chaos]: lol yea doing it over marine counter intelligence

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: nice^^

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: lol...we just had to write a haiku in class...this is mine:

Stinky breath have I
Mans best friend I have been called
Loyal to the end

lol..who can guess the animal?

2008-11-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: It sounds like Yoda, XD But im pretty sure its probably a dog, lol

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: hahahaa, yup

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: can you guess this one:

Black-white striped behind
With cheeks cute, chubby, and fat
I burrow in earth


2008-11-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: Chipmunk?

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: yup...XD

2008-11-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: Heres one for you:

Stripped all around
Vicious and mean I am
However still adored by many

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: that isnt a's have 5 syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and 5 in the 3rd line...but i shall guess anyways....

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: some kind of cat...or a bee?

2008-11-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: A hint, a type of cat, XP

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: hm....tiger i think

2008-11-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: Good job, lol...and btw, I didnt exactly know what a haiku was, but I decided Id try anyways, XD

2008-11-14 [Boomnesss]: hhahahaa^_^ its is a Japanese style of poetry XD

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: lol wow

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: hihi!

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: hi

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: HIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII! *tackle-hugs you for no apparent reason*

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: ooof lol how are you today

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: I ish good^_^ going to church in a wedding dress justf for the heck of it XD

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: hahahahaa, how are you?!

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: lol that would be funny to see

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: lol...indeed.....but will it be as interesting as when I went to church in a bright green tutu? or when I wore a kimono? hahahahaa

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: lol idk

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: ^_^

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: well itd be worth seeing

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: lol...yesh...indeed^_^

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: ish hungwee.......

2008-11-16 [Boomnesss]: hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

2008-11-16 [Hells Chaos]: lol i am a little too

2008-12-09 [Kalisie Kilik]: Good news everyone! I will be spending most of my time here renovating the academy to make it more user friendly, easier to get around, and overall much funner! XP Anyone who wishes to help please let me know, even if its just a simple idea or something!

2008-12-09 [Boomnesss]: ^.^

2008-12-10 [Elf_Person]: I leave January 13th for Ft. Knox

2008-12-11 [Kalisie Kilik]: Wow, good luck there, I heard its one of the hardest places for basic training, XD

2008-12-11 [Elf_Person]: I stay for Basic and for A.I.T im 19Kilo

2008-12-11 [Kalisie Kilik]: Umm...whats that exactly? XD

2008-12-11 [Elf_Person]: M-1 Abrum Crew Member

2008-12-12 [Hells Chaos]: infantry for now

2008-12-14 [Elf_Person]: After my 3 years 17 weeks is up I plan on reinlisting and changing my MOS to MP

2008-12-14 [Kalisie Kilik]: MP's suck, XD. I was a Combat Engineer, and I hated every second of basic...and I heard that MPs are treated much worse, so good luck, lol

2008-12-14 [Elf_Person]: well i wont have to go through basic again only A.I.T

2008-12-15 [Hells Chaos]: well as soon as i can im changing to an intel job, which is what i really wanted

2008-12-15 [Elf_Person]: i signed with mt MOS for 3 years 17 weeks

2008-12-16 [Hells Chaos]: well i think im supposed to be able to change like after my first two years

2008-12-17 [Elf_Person]: it depends i had a chance for a two year, three year or four year i took 3 year

2008-12-17 [Hells Chaos]: well like i said i really didn't want infantry, but i put it on there so if all else failed, i could become special forces, or sniper

2008-12-23 [NekoKazeHoshi]: <<>> niya...

2008-12-23 [Elf_Person]: they said if i would have picked infantry i would have had a chance to go Airborne

2008-12-25 [Hells Chaos]: yup, but as soon as i get out of infantry school, im going to college.

2009-01-19 [Kalisie Kilik]: *Huggles Neko* Hi hunny. Everyone, Id like you to meet my wife, Neko/Olivia, XD

2009-01-19 [NekoKazeHoshi]: hey i wanted to say that!not fair andy!

2009-01-19 [Kalisie Kilik]: Sowwy love, I thought it would be best to introduce you to everyone the proper way, XD

2009-01-19 [NekoKazeHoshi]: god horrible name o.O i need a pet name for andather!

2009-01-19 [Kalisie Kilik]: about just Andathar? XD

2009-01-19 [NekoKazeHoshi]: got any clues people! XD-pokes him teaseingly-

2009-01-19 [NekoKazeHoshi]: noooooooo!nooo!!! i want you to have a pet name-cute kitten eyes-

2009-01-19 [Kalisie Kilik]: *Pokes her back just as teasingly* Nope, nobody has any clues, sorry love, XD

2009-01-19 [NekoKazeHoshi]: no ones on yet -_-

2009-01-19 [NekoKazeHoshi]: omg! andather put my house XD -jumps up and down like a 5 year old-

2009-03-25 [Hells Chaos]: you could call him panda

2009-03-26 [Kalisie Kilik]: *Randomly pokes Chaos with a bamboo stick* I are not a panda! *Munches slowly on the other side of the bamboo stick*

2009-03-26 [shadows of life]: Really now? 

2009-03-27 [GlassCasket]: .......i wish i was a panda......V.V

2009-03-27 [Kalisie Kilik]: NOTICE: To all the academy members that still at least pay attention to this academy. The Academy Of The Dark Arts is moving to my own site to help with productivity, member counts, and overall ease of use. If anyone is still interested in staying in the academy, please go to and sign up, and send me a PM with your current bio on here so I know whos who, and can add you to the members list properly. Thank you all that reads this, and have a great day!

2009-04-12 [xhatann]: *slowly walks through the front doors and looks around the halls* ...It's been a while...

2009-04-18 [Kalisie Kilik]: Indeed it has, please check out the actual academy site posted above. ^^

2009-04-18 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Hey, just wanted you to know that I'm joining again, but with a different, I don't like the one I currently have here.

2009-05-28 [Kalisie Kilik]: Works for me, just make sure you go to the website listed in my above post, its the new academy.

2009-05-28 [Hells Chaos]: movement yay!!!!!

2009-05-28 [Hells Chaos]: does this mean im no longer vice headmaster

2009-05-29 [Kalisie Kilik]: Depends, do you still want to be vice headmaster, and will you actually be on every day? Even if you dont post *Its hard to post when other people dont* lol

2009-05-29 [Hells Chaos]: yea, its just been difficult, but now i've go wifi so ill be on everyday i can or every other day.

2009-05-29 [Kalisie Kilik]: Sweet, make sure at least say hi on the chat, I moved it so its on the welcome page when you first get on the site. Ive been using WiFi for about 2-3 years now, its awesome since its completely free, lol.

2011-10-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: it still up:?

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Its been dead for quite awhile since nobody bothered to go there. But I have been working on a new RP thats a hundred times better! Check it out at: Everyone will have to register there, but its soo very worth it. ^^

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: holy shit another rp I can do at work!

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: AGH nvm....

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: What, your work wont let you use zetaboards? Lol

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: a lot of things are blocked on important 'register' and 'login'

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Ah, so even userplane is probably blocked, huh?

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]:

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: BUT you shoudl revive this *nod nod* I'll help cause I love wolves.

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Darn, im guessing you can only get online at your work or something?

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: yeah...

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I mena I'm lookin at the previous version version 94 and it actually looks awesome.

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Hm. Well unfortunately I dont get on elfpack or elftown much anymore, and ive had a lot of bad RP experiences here so chances are the academy here wont ever be revived, sorry.

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: :/ I'm sorry

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Wow I didnt even realize I could go back like that, lol.

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: mhm

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Well, perhaps you should get your own internet so you can enjoy more Rps, and not have to rely on elfpack all the time, lol

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Oh....I really do'nt rp outside of ep with my girl when I'm home

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Well I guess to each his own, but you really are missing out, lol.

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: MAYBE I'll drag her into it >>

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: page bookmarked.

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Lol, wait..what page did you bookmark?

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: This one...since it has the zetaboards link on it

2011-11-01 [Kalisie Kilik]: Ah ok, lol. Well in any case, I have to take off now, if you can just spread the word about ny new RP, all RPers are welcome there! ^^

2011-11-01 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I shall!

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